'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter Calls out People Not Wearing Masks in Public

Kurt Sutter has remained very active on social media amid the coronavirus pandemic. Among his many endeavors, the Sons of Anarchy creator hosted multiple open forum discussions with fans of the hit FX show in which he has spilled some behind-the-scenes details about many of the series' biggest twists and turns.

Stepping away from fielding questions for his fans, Sutter has since put out his thoughts on masks being worn in public. Sutter, who recently revealed his favorite guests to appear on the show, is ticked off after seeing many people not covering their faces in public. "If you leave the house without a mask, you are not only risking your health, you are risking my f------ health," Sutter wrote on an image of himself he posted to Instagram. "Don't be an ignorant selfish d--------, wear a f------ mask. And remember... Jesus loves you." After the post went up, commenters quickly flooded him not appreciating his direct message.

Sutter was well aware of the remarks his followers were making and added a response to his original caption below the image. "I’m getting a lot of hate for this post," he began. "And I’ll admit, the tone was a bit hostile, but you know... it’s me. I’m just staying on brand." Sutter noted that he realized the language he used may have been over-the-top, he didn't feel the message he was sending was. After calling out the commenters who referenced information that they were specifically hearing, citing what Sutter joked "a cousin who knows someone who used to be a nurse," the Sons of Anarchy creator reiterated how important it is to wear a mask.


"Wearing a mask not only protects my health, it’s also an indication of respect," he wrote. "So when I see my neighbors and I’m wearing a mask, I’m saying I not only care about my health, I care about yours and your family’s health. I care about my community, my city, my state and my country."

In wrapping up his message, Sutter reminded his followers to "think about the big picture and do the right thing." Despite previous warnings about not buying masks in order for those who need him in the medical field will have enough of a supply, face masks are now being mandate in many states across the country, including in hot spots like New York and New Jersey. With the demand going up, many people have begun to look online to purchase the facial coverings.