'SNL': 'The View' Hosts Skewered by Emma Stone and Cast

Saturday Night Live took aim at The View this week in a skit with host Emma Stone.

SNL took its political satire to one of the nation's biggest discussion platforms this week: ABC's The View. The cast of SNL fell perfectly into the roles of the day time talk show panel, and encapsulated their dynamic in one over-arching mock conversation.

The skit opened with Leslie Jones as Whoopi Goldberg, who tends to introduce and moderate discussion on The View. She joked that the show was a strange fit for Goldberg, then led the table into a segment about the president's tweets on immigration this week.

Cecily Strong played Abby Huntsman, joking that she was surprised to find herself allowed to speak and deferring nervously to Goldberg. Meanwhile, Kate McKinnon played Joy Behar, rattling off anti-Trump one-liners and joking that she was "aid by the word."

"Trump Trump, what a chump," she recited in a bored tone.

From there, Melissa Villasenor took a turn as Ana Navarro in a spot-on impression before the skit turned to the other big controversy generator of the show, Meghan McCain. McCain was played by Aidy Bryant, who pulled no punches in her portrayal.

"As the princess of Arizona, there is a crisis at the border," she said to raucous laughs from the audience. She also insisted that she could not be racist because her makeup artist is gay, before the entire conversation broke down into a bickering match between McCain and Behar.

"Okay, okay, we're not going to do this," Goldberg said, spraying the ladies with a squirt gun like she was training a pet.

"This is The View, we are five best friends who have nothing in common," she declared.

After that, Stone joined the cast as former co-host Jenny McCarthy for a sharp change of subject. The skit managed to touch on several issues of the day in quick succession.

"So, Jenny, you've been at the forefront of the anti-vaccination movement for years," McCain said seriously, before suddenly changing tone. "But what was the tea on The Masked Singer? Did you know that the pineapple was Tommy Chong?"


Many fans agreed that SNL had perfectly captured the gist of The View as of late, as the skit made its way around social media on Sunday morning. The View airs on weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC, and many viewers are finding it more and more predictable.

Saturday Night Live airs every weekend at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.