'SNL' Lets Rege-Jean Page Unleash 'Bridgerton' Sexy Magic During Monologue

Everyone and their mother watched Bridgerton on Netflix, making it the streaming giant's most popular show to date, with 82 million streams in just the first 28 days of its availability. With those kinds of numbers, it's safe to assume that people were more than ready to see star Regé-Jean Page host Saturday Night Live on Feb. 20th.

Page was game from the jump, throwing every bit of charm he has into the monologue, which played on his standing as The New Leading Man. Page quickly acknowledges the awkwardness of the moment as well, citing how the sexy scenes from Bridgerton may have made for some uncomfortable situations at home. "Most of you probably recognize me from Bridgerton on Netflix, the show that made everyone turn to their moms and say, 'Oh you know what? Never mind, I don't think we should watch this together,'" Page joked.

"It's a bit of a racy show," Page admitted. "Because of that, people may associate me with being this smoldering, sensual, smoke show of a man. But I assure you, I'm just a regular guy. I'm here to show you a good time." SNL stars Aidy Bryant and Ego Nwodim then join Page on stage to fawn over him, after which Page asks to be treated just like a regular guy.

When Page asks Bryant and Nwodim what parts of Bridgerton they enjoyed the most, the hilariously overwhelmed ladies cited the exact times in the episodes that Page participated in graphic sex scenes. Chloe Finneman then arrives on stage dressed as Page's Bridgerton love interest, Daphne, in a bid for his attention. After Page shows off his deep baritone and lovely singing voice, Bryant quips "No, no. It's cool. We definitely have other sketch ideas where you aren't just being an extremely hot sex man... No! We're screwed. Get a pencil, b----, because we're rewriting everything!"

Social media was all about Page's charisma as well, pointing out his star quality and ability to engage the crowd. Overall, people seemed to agree that Page is indeed the next big thing and that SNL brought its A-game this week. The general consensus on Twitter boiled down to one overarching sentiment: Page truly is one of God's favorites and has more talent and good looks than seems fair.