'SNL': Leslie Jones Gets Heated in New Clip With James McAvoy and Meek Mill

The latest promos for this week's Saturday Night Live show Leslie Jones getting angry with host [...]

The latest promos for this week's Saturday Night Live show Leslie Jones getting angry with host James McAvoy and musical guest Meek Mill.

SNL is back this week another new episode, and things are getting heated. In promos released ahead of the show, McAvoy and Meek Mill stand on the stage with cast member Leslie Jones, who lays down the law with both of them. In the first, Jones puts McAvoy through his paces when it comes to accents.

"Hi, I'm James McAvoy, and I'm hosting SNL with Mee Mill," McAvoy says in the first clip. Jones swoons over the actor's Scottish accent, and asks him to do others. Repeating the same sentence, McAvoy tries on Irish and Australian, to Jones' delight, but when she requests a New York accent, he takes it too far.

"Hey, I'm walking here," McAvoy says in a classic New York Italian drawl.

"No!" Jones says angrily, holding up a finger as if McAvoy has offended her.

In the other clip, Jones grins into the camera as McAvoy introduces the show. She cries out: "it's Christmas y'all!" McAvoy and Mill are confused.

"It's Christmas, Leslie," Mill says, touching her shoulder.

"Meek, if I say it's Christmas, it's Christmas," she responds coldly. "Now do you got anything to say to me?"

"Merry Christmas, Leslie," Meek responds quietly.

This week's episode promises to be a good one. The second one since SNL's mid-season break, it will likely feature McAvoy promoting a couple of projects. The actor stars in Glass, the M. Night Shyamalan film merging the movies Unbreakable and Split. Glass came out last Friday, and it won the weekend at the box office with little competition.

Meanwhile, McAvoy has a lot going on later this year as well. In June he will reprise his role as Professor Charles Xavier for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which many expect to be the last FOX super hero movie of its kind. After that, he will play an older version of Bill Denbrough for It: Chapter Two, the sequel to 2017's horror break-out.

McAvoy also has a starring role in His Dark Materials, a TV series slated for release later this year. The show will be distributed by the BBC in McAvoy's home in the United Kingdom, and by HBO here in the U.S.

In the meantime, McAvoy has plenty of skits to get through this week. Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.