'SNL': John Mulaney Shows His Concern for Pete Davidson in New Promo

A new promo for this weekend's Saturday Night Live finds host John Mulaney more concerned than [...]

A new promo for this weekend's Saturday Night Live finds host John Mulaney more concerned than ever for Pete Davidson. The two often joke about their unlikely friendship, with Mulaney serving as a pillar of maturity in Davidson's hectic life. This weekend, it appears the tables have turned.

The new promo finds Davidson sitting in his own dressing room someone he calls "Guru Gary." The two wear baggy white linen shirts and long beaded necklaces, and appear to be meditating. Gary leaves as Mulaney comes in, apparently suspicious of Davidson for acting responsible.

"Oh, that's my guru!" Davidson says enthusiastically. "I've been, uh, working on my inner chakras, you know? Just getting all cleaned out."

Unconvinced, Mulaney checks Davidson's eyes for signs of marijuana use, but is surprised to find them unaltered.

"Whoa, wow, they're clear!" the comedian says, surprised.

Davidson details his new regimen and the unlikely side effects, though for most people they would be commonplace.

"I'm meditating, I'm getting sleep. I had a dream for the first time last week!" he says. "Things are great."

Mulaney's shock continues to grow has he finds that Davidson does not have a pet monkey in his dressing room — "turns out having a monkey is illegal!" — and he has actually been writing. Mulaney cannot even tempt his old friend into sharing a "menthol vape."

"No more monkey cage... That's good, I'm proud of you dude. You're cleaning up your act. It's really... You're a new Pete," he says, but still with an air of suspicion.

At last, Mulaney seems comforted when Davidson gets dressed up like his old self as he leaves the room. He asks why he's "putting on that hood rat gear," and Davidson responds: "gotta give the people what they want."

"This guy knows show business..." Mulaney muses. "Hey Pete, there's some paparazzi outside, so be sure to act real stupid."

As Davidson leaves the room, Mulaney turns around and reflects: "He's gonna be alright."

The sketch not only capitalizes on Mulaney and Davidson's real-life friendship, it seems to relate to a rumor from this week that he is considering leaving SNL. In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Davidson said that everyone on the show treats him like a "big dumb idiot," and he wants to escape that type-casting.

Of all the cast members, Davidson is one of the comedians who does the most ouside of the show. This week, his new stand-up comedy special, Alive From New York premiered on Netflix. At this rate, Davidson could be joining Mulaney in a post-SNL comedy career any day now.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.