'SNL': Three Comedy Greats Crashed James Franco's Opening Monologue

Saturday Night Live always packs in the special guests, and Saturday night's James Franco-hosted episode was no different.

Fans didn't have to wait long for cameos because Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Steve Martin all made cameos in the night's opening monologue.

Rogen, who co-stars in Franco's new film The Disaster Artist, was the first up in the segment, which was set up in a Q-and-A style. He joked that he had no idea Franco was hosting and came just to see musical guest SZA.

"It was totally random but I'm I'm a huge SZA fan so it worked out," Rogen said.

Franco replied, "Funny, I asked earlier in the week to do a sketch with me and you said, 'I have a thing.'"

"Yeah, I did have a thing," Rogen said. "I had SNL tickets."

A super-slim Hill joined Rogen in the crowd, and was bewildered that James was hosting as opposed to his brother Dave.

"People want to see that?" Hill said.

Martin's cameo was a complete surprise, being as he isn't one of the hip young comedic actors in Franco's circle. However, the beloved SNL alum came in just as witty as ever and exchanged blows with Franco for a second.

"I used to stand there on that very spot," Martin said. "I used to host Saturday Night Live. I was the center of attention! I gotta say, I resent it just a little."

Franco replied, "You're still a big star! You're still hot."

"Do I look hot?" Martin asked.

Franco then abruptly avoided the question and transitioned in to the main part of the show.


Saturday Night Live airs each week at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC / Will Heath