'SNL': Dog the Bounty Hunter Impersonated by Pete Davidson in School Board Sketch

Saturday Night Live often pulls out all kinds of celebrity impressions, but the team pulled out one we were not expecting during the Owen-Wilson-hosted episode: Dog the Bounty Hunter. One of the night's sketches revolved around an unhinged group of speakers at a public school board meeting concerning COVID-19 protocols. In between speakers ranting about elephant hormones and critical race theory, Dog (played by Pete Davidson) makes an appearance. He continues the streak of unrelated rants by asking for help finding Brian Laundrie, the ex-boyfriend of Gabby Petito who is a person of interest in her murder.

"As you know, I've joined the hunt for Brian Laundrie. So my question to you is: Do you know where he is? 'Cause I can't find this dude anywhere," Dog says before receiving a negative. "Are you sure? I've got no leads on this guy. Either he's good, or I'm bad. One of the two!"

A school board member, played by SNL mainstay Alex Moffat, told Dog they'd let him know if they saw him. Davidson's version of the bounty hunter replied, "Alright, that would mean the world to me, brah." It was a brief and random bit of humor that elicited big laughs due to Davidson's costume for the role, which included long blonde hair, sunglasses, black gloves and a cigarette.

Elsewhere in the show, new featured cast member James Austin Johnson debuted his impression of Joe Biden, Kacey Musgraves delivered a pair of memorable performances and the SNL writers took a stab at their version of Cars 4, with Wilson being forced to deliver some questionable dialog.


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