'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Bites Back at Critics Claiming Brian Laundrie Search Is for 'Publicity'

As the search for Brian Laundrie continues, Dog the Bounty Hunter's participation in helping find him, or speculators' questions regarding exactly how Dog is involved in the search, presses on. He is currently facing much criticism on social media from those who say Dog is taking away from the realness and seriousness of the investigation. Private investigator Bill Warner tells The Sun Dog's probe is "outrageous" and taking away the focus off those who can really help.

But Dog says otherwise, telling Brian Entin of News Nation Now, "I don't need the publicity." He also explained that he doesn't need the PR because his "shows are on TV every single day and everyone knows who I am," adding, "I could do other things to get publicly besides this - this is what I do for a living, [for] 35 years...There is 3 percent of people saying bad things out of 100 percent, so I don't look at that ever, never have."

Dog began searching for Laudrie, the missing fiance of Gabby Petito, on Saturday, Oct. 2. He is leading a search in Fort De Soto Park in Florida, 75 miles away from the Laundries' home. He says he received a tip that Laudrie is in the area. Lingerie skipped town after his girlfriend came up missing and he refused to cooperate with the police. 

Dog believes Laundrie is moving from island to island in a canoe. He also claims he is close to finding him, alleging that it is "very easy to hide out" in the rural area in Florida, adding that dogs could pick up Laudrie's scent. "These dogs you know they go by the scent of humans and not just bloodhound, like using an old sock or shirt," he said. "There german shepherds hunt down the adrenaline scent. This is a very good place that Brian picked to hide," he continued. "[I] think he's still hiding near the campground." Dog promises locating Laudrie is "not the toughest I've ever had at all."