Police Visited Brian Laundrie's Home Twice on Day Before Gabby Petito Was Reported Missing

Authorities continue to search for Brian Laundrie in the wake of his girlfriend Gabby Petito's death, and it is now reported that police were called to Laundrie's Florida home twice on the day before Petito was reported missing. Petito's family reported her missing on Sept. 11, and the New York Post reports that North Port cops showed up at Laundrie's residence "shortly after 1 p.m. and 4:30 p.m." Both calls were marked as "problem settled" by the responding officers. Notably, the outlet reports that North Port police were called to Laundrie's home more than 40 times since Sept. 10.

Laundrie was reported missing by his family on Sept. 17. They told authorities that he left home on Sept. 14 but never returned. His disappearance came just days before Petito's body was found by authorities in Wyoming. Her family reporting her missing on Sept. 11, after not hearing from her for nearly two weeks. According to reports, Petito and Laundrie had set off on a cross-country trip in June. Near the end of August, Petito reportedly began to be less communicative before sending one last text on Aug. 30, which her family questions the authenticity of, as they feel it may not have been sent by her. Laundrie returned home to North Port on Sept. 1 but reportedly was unwilling to cooperate with police on the investigation of Petito's disappearance.

Police in Mobile, Alabama, previously confirmed that they investigated reports of 23-year-old Laundrie being seen in an area of the city known as Tillman's Corner. Mobile is located roughly 600 miles northwest of his home in North Port, Florida. A body had been found in Tillman's Corner, which some thought might be Laundrie, but police determined it was not him. There was also a report of Laundriw being seen on a trail cam in Florida, but that too turned out to be another individual.


Famed TV bounty hunter Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman recently entered the search for Laundrie and has been updating his followers on social media. On Sept. 29, he posted on Instagram that he and his team "discovered a campsite and fresh Monster can deep in the woods while searching Shell Island off the coast of Florida for" Laundrie. It was also noted that "the Monster can showed no rust or faded colors," possibly indicating that whoever built the abandoned campsite had not been gone for long.