'SNL': Chance the Rapper Continues to Stun Viewers With Performances

Chance the Rapper pulled double-duty as host and musical guest on a repeat episode of Saturday Night Live, and fans were living for the two performances. The "All Day Long" rapper took the stage to perform songs off his debut studio album, The Big Day, while also appearing on several hilarious sketches during the Oct. 26 episode.

Chance's first performance featured him introducing himself before a video showed his daughter singing before he began his song. The rapper also shocked fans when he was joined for his second song, "Handsome", by female rapper Megan Thee Stallion. Fans of the performer were overjoyed to see Chance's return to Saturday Night Live, praising his song choice and throwing compliments his way.

Not all viewers were pleased with the performances, however, with some criticizing his music and wondering how he got the gig in the first place.

The rerun of Chance's episode marks the rapper's fourth appearance on Saturday Night Live. He first appeared as a performer in Chris Hemsworth's episode in 2015. He also performed "Ultralight Beam" with Kanye West in 2016 and performed in Casey Affleck's episode in 2016. Chance also acted as the host for a 2017 episode, featuring musical guest Eminem. "Honestly it's been a dream for me as a little kid," he said of the double-duty gig earlier this week.

Ahead of the episode, Chance appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and discussed his album, also talking about how Kanye West wanted to join the band during his wedding. Fallon first showed a photo from the reception were all pictured wore tuxedos except for West, who was wearing a black button-down short-sleeve shirt, Rolling Stone writes. "Everyone is wearing a nice tuxedo except for Kanye, he's always getting into trouble," Fallon said before Chance added, "He does his thing."


Chance said West was a good wedding guest. "He's awesome. What I remember is he tried to join the wedding band," the rapper said. "They were playing music, but he didn't have his set-up, his beat machine, so he kind of stood next to them."

Along with his album and upcoming tour — he will begin touring in January to support his album — the rapper also headlined the new Netflix competition series Rhythm + Flow, which also has Cardi B as one of the judges.