Shelley Long Weighs in on Possible 'Cheers' Reunion

It's been almost 25 years since the final episode of Cheers aired and the decade-long show came to an end, and while there has been a lot of speculation and hope for a reunion, Shelley Long is dispelling the rumors.

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The actress, who once played Diane Chambers, recently told ABC News that she doesn't "think anybody on the Cheers cast would want to do that again. We were blessed enough to have each other and to have those writers, and Jimmy Burrows, who produced and directed."

While other reboots and reunions have found success, like Netflix's Fuller House, Long believes that a Cheers reunion would leave fans disappointed.

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"I think the cast would feel like…'We did this and we did it in a way that astounded all of us,'" she stated. "I'm still astounded." Long went on to praise those who worked behind the scenes and helped create the magic that was Cheers. "They were all geniuses. It was just an amazing collection of super talented people. I don't know how that happens or why it happens, but it really was something special."

While fans shouldn't be expecting a reunion any time soon, they are able to catch Shelley Long in her newest film Different Flowers, which follows a young woman who embarks on a journey with her sister in an attempt to find direction. Long plays Mildred, the young woman's grandmother.