Shantel VanSanten Previews Return to 'FBI' and Working With Her 'First Family' Again (Exclusive)

VanSanten returns to 'FBI' for the Apr. 16 episode after moving to 'FBI: Most Wanted.'

After moving to FBI: Most Wanted, Shantel VanSanten is returning to FBI and she spoke to all about it. The actress initially joined FBI as Special Agent Nina Chase in Season 4 to temporarily fill in for Missy Peregrym's Maggie Bell. She remained on after Peregrym returned from maternity leave and Nina grew a relationship with John Boyd's Stuart Scola, later giving birth to their son in the Season 5 finale of FBI.

VanSanten switched to FBI: Most Wanted as a series regular for the current fifth season, but both shows are continuing to include their relationship as much as possible. Boyd even guest starred in last week's Most Wanted, giving viewers a glimpse into their lives as new parents. Now it's VanSanten's turn to jump to FBI, prompted by a retired FBI agent being tortured and killed while working a security job. The One Tree Hill alum tells PopCulture that the episode will focus more on their work in the FBI rather than their home life.

(Photo: Bennett Raglin/CBS)

"It's going to not dive as much into their personal home life now that we've had a view of that this last week on Most Wanted," VanSanten explained. "We're going to dive into our work with the FBI, and we're going to see a little undercover operation. And in my mind, seeing Nina and Scola like we've never seen them before."

In Season 6, Episode 9, "Best Laid Plans," following the FBI agent's murder, Nina and Scola have to go undercover as a married couple deep in the diamond game as the team tries to find out who is behind it. At the same time, Scola is also worried that their son Dougie could end up parentless due to the nature of the case and them working together. So seeing that dynamic between them will surely be interesting.

(Photo: Bennett Raglin/CBS)

This will be Shantel VanSanten's first time working with the FBI cast since her departure, and she says filming the episode was "like going back home for the holidays." She continued, "The whole first day felt like a celebration and it was just so nice to see everybody that I got to work with. And I have this new extended family on Most Wanted, and I have my first family over at FBI, and there's all these familiar faces and relationships I have with tons of the crew, and it doesn't really feel like work. So that part is really great."

It's going to be exciting to see Shantel VanSanten back on FBI and Nina working with her old team once again. Not to mention the fact that the series will continue to touch on her relationship with Scola, both personal and professional. This is just another issue that the couple will have to work through, as it's not easy being new parents and working, especially with a dangerous career. Be sure to tune in to a new episode of FBI on Tuesday, Apr. 16 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS to see what happens.