'FBI: Most Wanted': John Boyd Teases Nina and Scola's Struggle as New Parents (Exclusive)

Boyd is crossing over to 'FBI: Most Wanted' from 'FBI' in the new episode airing tonight at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

The latest episode of FBI: Most Wanted, airing on April 9, will finally touch on Nina and Scola's life as new parents, and John Boyd spoke to PopCulture.com about what to expect. Fans last saw the duo on screen together in the Season 5 finale of FBI, when baby Dougie was born following hours of complications. With Shantel VanSanten moving to Most Wanted, it was unknown when and how she and Boyd would be brought back together again, but viewers will finally see what their life has been like since welcoming their son.

In the new episode, "Supply Chain," the two special agents will bump heads over parenting styles. While Nina and Scola have each shared updates on being new parents on their respective shows, this will be different. John Boyd tells PopCulture.com "it's interesting" in terms of how they're handling everything between being an FBI agent and a parent.

"New parent couples often experience this thing where there's so much to be done that it's very hard to believe that your partner could be doing everything they can because you're so overwhelmed," Boyd shared. "I mean, we see behind the curtain, straight into an FBI couple that's raising a baby's difficult. Someone's late for work, and they can't find their shoes, and someone else is struggling to find themselves as a mother. And it's realistic, it's painful, it sucks. It's a crappy way to start a day, but it's a great episode in terms of Nina and Scola coming together in the end and understanding the deeper issues that are going on for them and being parents that can support each other and have healthy repair."

(Photo: Mark Schafer/CBS)

As for growing their relationship between two shows and Nina and Scola not working together much anymore, Boyd says being apart is "a beneficial thing for them as a couple." He continued, "I think that that makes their life a little clearer. They're more available to the baby. They can kind of swap and take care of a family, a growing family. So I think they're all for not working together. I mean, not to mention that Nina's sort of gotten scooped up in a dream job. It's a pretty great offer. This scene of that call coming and her, 'What should we do? What should we do?' I would hope in that moment that Scola said, 'Absolutely. When Remy calls for you to go join the task force, you do it.' I think he's on board."

It seems like the couple will be dealing with a lot, both personally and professionally. After what they went through last season on FBI with Nina getting shot and the complicated labor, they definitely deserve happiness. While it sounds like they do have it, it's not going to come easy. Make sure to watch how they deal with parenthood on FBI: Most Wanted tonight, April 9, at 10 p.m. ET on CBS' spring 2024 schedule.