Watch Seth Meyers' Golden Globes Opening Monologue

Seth Meyers opened the Golden Globes with "Time's Up"-approved jokes, knocking Hollywood predators for laughs.

"Good evening ladies and remaining gentleman," the host began a 12-minute opening monologue on Sunday.

At the top of his introduction, Meyers made it clear he supported the Hollywood purge of men accused of sexual misconduct, saying, "It's 2018, marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment finally isn't. It's gonna be a good year."

The 75th annual awards show in Beverly Hills is the opening event of the awards season for movies and TV shows, leaving Meyers to test the audience's feelings about jokes that hit close to home for the entertainment industry, including sexual harassment, sexism and politics.

"A special hello to all the hosts of upcoming award shows who are watching me tonight like the first dog they shot into outer space," the Late Night With Seth Meyers host said of the unique tone of the night, which was compounded by the sea of celebrities wearing black to the event to support their colleagues and call for change across all industries.

While many of Meyers' jokes hit with the audience inside the Beverly Hilton, a couple of his punchlines received few chuckles and some odd looks. Those included a bit bashing Kevin Spacey's poor southern accent and warning Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya he was living the plot of his movie, where he plays "a young man lured to an event full of aging white people desperate to reclaim their youth."

Meyers also took some digs at President Donald Trump, saying that the Hollywood Foreign Press were three words meant to infuriate the leader. But rather than keep things too political in nature, he shifted to pressure a Hollywood couple to run for office: Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks.

"Now we just wait and see," he said of the unlikely political partners.


Meyers also included some audience members including Jessica Chastain, Issa Rae and Amy Schumer, to deliver punchlines of some jokes, lending for additional laughs from a somewhat sensitive crowd.

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