Ryan Seacrest Almost Hilariously Splits Pants During Dance in Front of 'Live' Co-Host Kelly Ripa

Ryan Seacrest almost had his own Spongebob Squarepants moment Friday. The American Idol host [...]

Ryan Seacrest almost had his own Spongebob Squarepants moment Friday. The American Idol host nearly split his pants in a hilarious behind the scenes video the Live With Kelly and Ryan team shared on Instagram Friday morning. In the clip, Seacrest is seen running up to the stage in a tight pair of pants. While doing some dance moves, Seacrest pretended his pants split while co-host Kelly Ripa came on.

The scene was an example of the fun atmosphere Seacrest and Ripa have built on the set since Seacrest joined Live in 2017. In a recent joint interview with Entertainment Tonight, the two gushed about their great working relationship. "Working with your friends is a great privilege. It is a joy, and I have to say that it is a rare thing to work with a guy who is so authentic and fun and joyful and humble and generous and kind to everyone," Ripa told ET earlier this month. She said Seacrest is the same person on stage as he is backstage, which is a "unique thing."

"He just brings joyfulness and enthusiasm and professionalism and an authenticity to this place that I'm just so grateful to have here," Ripa said of Seacrest. This praise brought some tears to Seacrest's eyes. "I'm using every ounce of energy to fight back tears right now, while she's saying that," he said, later adding that their show is not just another talk show. "We come in and we literally have our first cup of coffee together and catch up with each other as friends do, and that's the dynamic we hope we have with people who are watching as well," Seacrest explained.

Ripa went on to describe their relationship as a "weird codependency," noting that they often text each other 15 times before a show starts. "Yet we still have things to say on the air, which is weird," she told ET, later adding that they are "happy to have our psychiatric episodes unfold" before viewers. Seacrest joked that the show is "our therapy."

Seacrest's other unique ability is dividing himself up to take on several different projects at the same time. While he is hosting Live, he is also just starting work on the new season of American Idol for ABC. Earlier this week, Seacrest confirmed Claudia Conway, the daughter of President Donald Trump's former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, auditioned for the show. "I was not in the room when she sang, but she seemed like she really wanted to be a singer," Seacrest told TMZ. The new season of American Idol will debut on Feb. 14, 2021, on ABC.