'Live With Kelly and Ryan' Fans Wonder If Ryan Seacrest Is Quitting

Kelly Ripa could soon be without a co-host, at least according to speculation from fans. Following concern over Ripa's behavior on the morning talk show, new theories have risen that Ryan Seacrest is preparing to quit Live With Kelly and Ryan just three years after being brought on as co-host.

Seacrest joined the morning talk show in 2017 following former co-host Michael Strahan's exit. Strahan replaced former host Regis Philbin in September of 2012 and remained on the show for nearly four years before announcing in April of 2016 that he would be leaving. After his departure was moved up to May of that year, Ripa was paired with several guest hosts, until Seacrest was eventually hired as the permanent Live co-host in 2017.

Speculation that Seacrest's tenure on the show is coming to an end was sparked Monday after the official Live Instagram account shared pre-show footage of the two co-hosts discussing the right time to put up Christmas trees. In the comments section, numerous viewers questioned if Seacrest may be planning his exit, with one person asking, "is Ryan leaving the show?" The belief that he could be leaving seemed to stem from what many fans viewed as Ripa's constant interruption of her co-host as he tried to speak, with another fan commenting that they had "a funny suspicion that Ryan has one foot out the door, he can't finish a sentence on the show anymore."

Across the comments section, fans discussed that matter, with several stating that they wished Ripa "would let Ryan finish talking." Somebody else, responding to rumors of Seacrest's possible exit, said, "maybe he should because he never gets a chance to finish a story." Another person commented that "that's why all of her co-hosts have left, she has to be the center of the spotlight, and if she isn't she throws tantrums off camera. No one likes working with her." The remarks echoed similar comments from fans last week when they expressed concern and annoyance over Ripa's "extreme" on-air behavior.

Of course, this is not the first time that such rumors have surfaced. Just a year after Seacrest officially joined the morning talk show as Ripa's co-host, the National Enquirer reported that he was “on the verge of quitting” because he was "fed up" with Ripa's "domineering diva-tude." The outlet cited an insider that said, "Ryan's tried to bend over backwards to please Kelly, but he still can't get his own way." That source alleged that Seacrest had met with producers to discuss his 'gripes'" and that "if things didn't change," he was prepared to "walk."


Seacrest, of course, remained on the show, and just a year later, similar reports surfaced. In March of 2019, Life & Style reported that Seacrest was considering "bailing on their morning show" and "blindsiding" Ripa with his departure. That outlet also quoted an alleged insider who claimed Seacrest "misses his life on the West Coast."

At this time, Seacrest has made no indication that he plans to leave Live and he has not responded to the rumors. Ripa also has not addressed the rumors, nor has she addressed comments regarding her "extreme" behavior.