'Rick and Morty': 'Community' Star Yvette Nicole Brown Wants to Join the Show

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown is ready to jump into the Rick and Morty portal. The actress was in the main cast of Dan Harmon's NBC sitcom Community, and now she wants to get into his cartoon universe as well. It sounds like it is only a matter of time before Brown makes an appearance on the show.

Brown spoke about her rise to TV fame and her prospects for the future. She played Shirley Bennett, a member of the core cast with a remarkable range of sweet words and cold admonitions. The show was created by Harmon, who co-created Rick and Morty along with Justin Roiland.

Brown said she is dying to find her way onto Rick and Morty and work with Harmon again. She admitted that a big part of the desire was the money, as the show is a lucrative production right now, according to an interview with ComingSoon.net.

"I hit up Dan Harmon more often to get a role on Rick and Morty," she said. "That's where the money is, Rick and Morty is going to last forever. I don't even care who I play, I could be the black woman in the corner saying, 'Hi, hi.' I don't care what it is, I just want to do a voice on there."

Brown would not be the first Community star to appear on Rick and Morty. So far, Joel McHale has made an appearance, playing a post-apocalyptic warlord who was insecure about his mustache named Hemorrhage. Gillian Jacobs also appeared on the show, playing the cosmic super heroine Supernova in the show's parody of The Avengers franchise.

Even earlier in the series, Community's Jim Rash lent his voice to an episode about an interplanetary couple's counseling facility. Gary Anthony Williams, who joined Community in Season 6, has made three appearances on Rick and Morty as the President of the United States.

Given Brown's star status, it seems like only a matter of time before she gets cast in an episode or Rick and Morty. she has gone on to other TV shows like Elena of Avalor and Mom on CBS. She even appeared in Avengers: Endgame as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Meanwhile, Brown still has hope for a Community reunion. She told her interviewer that the long-awaited movie follow-up to the sitcom is inevitable, feeling that Harmon will not be able to stop himself from writing it.

"I know that Dan's going to write the Community movie someday and when he does, we're all going to show up, whenever it is, we're ready to do it just like you guys are ready for it," she said.