Oscars 2020: Watch 'The Conners' Live Trailer

For the very first time, The Conners is set to air a live episode of the show on Feb. 11. In advance of the episode, the official Conners Twitter account released a sneak peek during the Oscars (which aired on ABC, the same network as The Conners).

In the clip, the Conner family can be seen sitting down to watch the Oscars. In the midst of their discussion about Academy Award winner Parasite, the family's TV appears to show the Conner family sitting down in their living room to watch the ceremony in a very meta turn of events. When they finally realize that they're the ones being shown, they turn around to find out that they were being filmed the whole time.

"We are the last family who should be on live TV," Becky (Alicia Goranson) says in the promo, a statement which both Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and Dan (John Goodman) can't help but agree with. The family tries to tells the announcer that they don't want to be a part of the live event, but the announcer responded to say that it's definitely going to happen. And fans can tune in to ABC on Feb. 11 at 8 p.m. ET to watch it. The episode, which concerns the Conner family discussing the importance of voting, will air as the New Hampshire primary results roll in.

In early January, during ABC's presentation at the Television Critics Association event, the cast of The Conners spoke about what fans can expect in the politically-charged episode.

"In our country, voting is such a powerful thing and I don't know that we always spend the time to encourage people to vote," Michael Fishman, who plays DJ, told Fox News at ABC's press event. "So my hope is that what we do is we can show what real-life issues kind of revolve around some of the things that are going on in the debates and other things."


Laurie Metcalf also appeared at the event and said that her theater background won't exactly help her for The Conners' live episode.

"My stage background will not help at all, because even though stage is live, I've rehearsed the hell out of it and I know what I'm doing," she said. "So in a live show, it's going to have some wiggle room either the improv or, you know, something's going to not stick to the script. That scares the s— out of me."