'Night Court' Star Fired Ahead of Season 2

Kapil Talwalkar will not be returning as clerk Neil Valluri due to the series going in a "different direction creatively."

Night Court is going to be down one cast member for the upcoming second season. TVLine reports that Kapil Talwalkar will not be returning for the new season of the NBC judicial drama. A source tells the outlet that "the show wanted to take things in a different direction creatively, with lots of different characters and personalities, more in the vein of the original Night Court." Despite the unfortunate firing, cast and producers are reportedly "extremely grateful" for having the opportunity to work with Talwalkar, and "he will always be a part of the Night Court family."

The Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist alum played clerk Neil Valluri in the Night Court revival. He starred in all 16 episodes of the first season as a series regular. However, he was absent from the show's holiday episode, which aired on Dec. 23. As of now, it's unknown who will be replacing Talwalkar. More information will likely be revealed soon, now that it's out that the actor will not be returning. How the series will write him off should be interesting to look forward to. Hopefully, it will be in a way where it will be open for him to return, even briefly, but fans will just have to watch to find out.

Since Night Court began production before the strikes, it's very likely that writers knew that Kapil Talwalkar wouldn't be returning. While it is a disappointment that he won't be coming back, he is still keeping plenty busy. He lent his voice to Nickelodeon's hit series The Loud House earlier this year, reprising his role as Raj/Spa Caddy. According to IMDb, he has five other projects in development. So perhaps this Night Court departure is a good thing. Talwalkar can now focus on other aspects of his career, but that doesn't make it any harder.

Meanwhile, even though Talwalkar wasn't included in the Night Court holiday special, someone else was. The series introduced comedian Gary Anthony Williams as Judge Murray Flobert, who will be filling in for Melissa Rauch's Abby in her absence. Rauch, India de Beaufort, Lacretta, and OG Night Court star John Larroquette will be returning for the upcoming second season. Due to the strikes, Season 2 will only be getting 13 episodes, but it will surely be a season to look forward to after all this time. Be sure to tune in on Tuesday, Jan. 2 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC to see what happens in Night Court Season 2.