Netflix Names New Series 'You' as Most-Watched Show of the Week

Netflix has named the new stalker series You as the streaming service's most-watched show of the week.

According to TV Time, the psychological thriller topped shows like A Series of Unfortunate Events, Friends, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

You originally aired on Lifetime, but was picked up by Netflix for it's second season.

Notably, Lifetime originally promised a second season early on, but later passed on renewing the show due to poor ratings.

Luckily for fans, Netflix saw the potential in the series and swooped in to save it from what would have been a tragic fate.

You stars Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl) as Joe Goldberg, a New York City bookstore manager who stalks and then dates Guinevere Beck, as played by Elizabeth Lail (Once Upon a Time).

It was developed for TV by Greg Berlanti (Riverdale) and Sera Gamble (Supernatural), from Caroline Kepnes' book, You: A Novel. Additionally, Marcos Siega, who directed a number of episodes of Showtime's serial killer drama Dexter, also serves as an executive producer on You.

The series has found a new life with Netflix, which has not been without its fair share of issues, as many are finding Joe's quirky nature endearing. This is most certainly not what the show's cast and creators intended, and Badgley is making sure to let fans know.

"Okay but [Penn Badgley] was sexy as Dan but lord Joe is a whole new level," one fan tweeted. The star retweeted by commenting, "...of problems, right?"

Another fan asked him to "kidnap" them, to which Badgley respectfully declined by tweeting back ,"No [thanks]."

Badgley's insight into the role is crucial for audiences, since the nature of the character is very predatory in unassuming ways.


Hopefully Season 2 of You will open up the doors for fans to better understand how Joe is not meant to be adored or sympathized with, but only time will tell on that.

At this time Netlfix has not announced a release date for the next season.