'NCIS' Star Wanted for Kidnapping After Allegedly Disappearing With Son

Reports claim that former NCIS star Zoe McLellan is wanted for kidnapping after vanishing with her son amid a custody battle with her ex-husband. According to The Sun, Jean-Pierre Guy Gillain claims McLellan disappeared with their son, Sebastian, and he hasn't seen her since April 2019.

TMZ notes that court records indicate that McLellan is currently considered "wanted" after Gillian reached out to the court for assistance. According to reports, the charges were filed in May 2021 and include additional claims of "child custody deprivation and child stealing." These allegations also stem back as far as 2017, according to The Sun.

The 46-year-old actress is best known for her time as Agent Meredith Brody on NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans, where she became a regular for the first two seasons. She has also appeared on Designated Survivor as Kendra Daynes, Law & Order: SVU, and a starring role in the later seasons of NCIS precursor JAG as Petty Officer Jennifer Coates.

The initial drama was covered back in 2017 and stemmed from Gillian's allegations that McLellan was traveling with their 4-year-old son while working on Designated Survivor in Toronto. It should also be noted that Gillian has faced allegations and charges in the past, spending a short time behind bars after being accused of rape in Louisiana. The charges were eventually dropped and Gillian was released, but it does make clear that it is a complicated situation.

TMZ adds that Gillian's attorney, Lawrence Markey, claims the son is still missing and believed to still be with his mother. As of 2019, she hasn't been in any major acting roles, leading the outlet to say she's virtually vanished.


As of publication, no arrests have been made, and the actress is reportedly "off-the-grid." TMZ reports she may be near the New Orleans area, but Gillian was not aware of any firm details.

The Sun reports that McLellan was cleared of prior allegations by her husband when a judge ruled moving their son with her to Canada did not constitute child abduction. The judge also reported added that the move was the "result of Mother's work in a field in which it was known to both parties she may need to work outside of Los Angeles." He also alleged that their son seemed more "emotionally secure" with McLellan.