'NCIS' Cliffhanger Leaves Abby Fans Gasping

NCIS fans were distraught over the ending of Tuesday night's episode, fearing Abby Sciuto might be leaving the show in a body bag.

Warning! NCIS spoilers ahead!

Pauley Perrette, who portrays the forensic scientist on the hit crime drama, announced that she was leaving the show months ago, and fans have had to adjust to the idea of NCIS without her. If that weren't depressing enough, now they're facing the possibility that she might be killed off.

While fans knew that they were going to have to say goodbye to Abby, it's clear that many on Twitter hadn't even dared to consider that she wouldn't survive her tenure at NCIS. Many posted after the episode's cliffhanger, saying that they were crying from the suspense. It appeared Abby was shot durin a holdup.

"DAMN...... After next weeks preview I am literally bawling," one person wrote.

"I'm in tears now," added another.

"I love you but I hate you so much right now," a follower wrote to the show's official account. "Note to self: stock up on kleenex before next Tues."

Perrette announced that she, and by extension, Abby, would be leaving the series at the end fo season 15. She has been a part of the main cast since the series began, and has become one of the most popular actresses on primetime TV.

While the end of her penultimate episode looked bleak, many fans are still holding out hope for Abby. They want to see her striding confidently on to the next chapter in her life, not snatched away thanks to a random crime.

"After a period of time screaming 'NO!!!!' at the television and sobbing, I realized I might be a bit emotionally involved with Abby Sciuto, #NCIS needs to give her a goodbye, not what the preview is implying," one fan wrote.

"After somewhat digesting the end of that episode #NCIS I'm pretty disappointed if that's the way Abby goes out," added another. "I just don't think that's the way to send her out."


That was one of the kinder comments, as many on Twitter were prepared to mutiny against the writers and producers of NCIS. Hopefully they'll at least wait and see how next week turns out.

Abby's final episode airs at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday, May 8 on CBS, though her fate is still unclear.