‘Mom’ Star Beth Hall Calls Final Episodes ‘Our Best’ While Teasing Series Finale (Exclusive)

This week's episode of Mom gave actress Beth Hall the spotlight, as her character Wendy began [...]

This week's episode of Mom gave actress Beth Hall the spotlight, as her character Wendy began dating a married doctor. The love connection comes as one of the show's final episodes, with the Allison Janney-starring show coming to an end with its ongoing eighth season. Season eight is also the first without former star Anna Faris. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture, Hall assured fans that the final shows will be some of the best yet and is as "curious" as viewers are to find out how it ends.

"The episodes coming up, I really feel are our best. And I think we'll end on a very high note," Hall said, although she noted that she has not seen the finale script yet. She does have one specific wish for the last batch of shows, though. She hopes to work more with William Fichtner, who plays Adam, Bonnie's husband.

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Beth Hall and Allison Janney. (Photo: CBS)

"I like playing off of everyone," Hall said. "I wish I got to do more things with Bill Fichtner because he's so brilliant, just that Wendy doesn't really interact with him that much. Mimi [Kennedy] is amazing and fun, and Kristen [Johnston is] amazing. And Jamie [Pressly] is so good. So yeah, everyone is really so good at their craft that every day is exciting and fun. I don't know what to say, but we'll miss it." Hall said she also loves doing scenes with Janney, calling them her "favorite thing to do."

While Faris' absence has been felt on the set, Hall said everyone quickly got used to the new dynamic. After all, everyone has been on the show for several years now. Hall joined the show in Season 2 and became a main star in Season 3. "We've been doing this season for so long now that we're very used to it," Hall said. "I guess at first it was a little odd, just not having her there after seven years, but just having all the women and Bill, it's been filled up."

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Everyone was actually surprised the show is only getting one season without Faris, including Hall. "We were all really surprised that it wasn't going to continue because it seemed to be doing well," she said, also pointing out that the show has "so many wonderful, avid fans." As for potential spinoffs, Hall said she was not aware of any plans, but knows fans "want that."

As Mom heads off into its last episodes, Hall noted how important the show has been to its legions of fans. The cast hears from viewers all the time who say it inspired them to attend AA meetings or continue a sober lifestyle. Hall praised the show's writing for not only being funny but also hitting audiences in a "profound" way. "People who do have addictions who have watched the show say that it's just so right on the money and that's the writing and producing of the show. But for me, it's something to really be proud of, not just something silly on television," Hall said. "It was really a great show that helped people." Mom airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.