'Modern Family': Haley's Baby Shower Leads to Emotional Dylan Reveal

Modern Family held a baby shower on Super Bowl Sunday, leading to a touching and necessary heart-to-heart for Claire and Dylan.

The ABC comedy series found the Pritchett-Dunphy clan get together for a mashup celebration of the special day for Haley (Sarah Hyland) and the big game day, as the men and women of the family fought for equal representation for both events at Jay's (Ed O'Neill) house.

No one seemed less excited than the expecting mother herself, who was feeling down when she arrived to the party with Dylan (Reid Ewing).

"My last pair of jeans exploded, I can't wear skirts because my thighs are growing hair faster than I can shave, so I'm wearing skin pants to my own baby shower," Haley tells Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and Jay, as Dylan tries to comfort his pregnant girlfriend.

Tensions are running high as Cam (Eric Stonestreet) had a bone to pick with Jay over a previous Super Bowl Sunday promise unfulfilled, as Alex (Ariel Winter) revealed to Haley that she had invited another pregnant woman to the party who was more far along in her pregnancy.

"Oh my God, that means I won't be the grosses preggo here, bless you!" Haley tells her sister.

After walking away, Dylan thanks Alex for inviting him to the shower, admitting to her that he was surprised because he always feels excluded from the family. After walking away, he mistakenly hears the family in several out of context conversations and believes the whole family is against him, so he leaves the party.

"He's gone, and it's everybody's fault!" Little Joe (Jeremy Maguire) tells the family.

The family makes a plan to track down Dylan before Haley finds out, which does not please the Super Bowl half of the party. They divide into teams and works out their issues—including the Cam and Jay misunderstanding—but fail to find the missing baby daddy.

"Dylan's always been a runner," Claire before she remembers a previous time the man had run away from the family.

The trail leads her to his old van, and Claire clarifies the misunderstandings with the others, but Dylan is focused on when he overheard her and Alex make fun of him.

Claire apologizes and threatens to leave, but instead she climbs on top of the van. She tries to get his attention from the sun roof but only accidentally falls into it.

As Dylan heals Claire's wounds, he admits that he has not forgiven her for her constant insults toward him. Claire admits that she may have been cold to him in the past, but she apologizes for being a Mama Bear.

"I'm about to be the father to your grand babies... I can look at myself in the mirror and say that I have tried my hardest to make our relationship work. Can you do the same?" he asks.


At the end of the episode, Claire toasts to Dylan, the babies and the newest members of the family, saying how excited she is to get to know all three of them.

Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.