Michael Che Boils Down Queen Elizabeth's Health Woes With 'Weekend Update' Jab

Saturday Night Live poked fun at Queen Elizabeth's health concerns this weekend amid her alarming absence from the public eye. According to a report by CBS News, Queen Elizabeth is suffering from a back sprain and will not be seen in public for a while. "Weekend Update" co-host Michael Che has a different theory on her hiatus.

"Royal experts are saying that Queen Elizabeth's health has entered a 'different phase,' and the public may not see her until February," Che read on Saturday night. "So, you know what that means: new titties." The audience cackled with laughter at this unexpected twist, and Che himself nearly lost his composure. His co-host Colin Jost was forced to wait a few seconds before moving on to the next story.

The queen is 95 years old and recently lost her husband of many years, so concerns about her health are running high. On Wednesday, she was recorded attending a meeting with other government officials for the first time since mid-October. However, Buckingham Palace officials warn that she will not be seen again for several months.

So far, the back sprain is the only malady that has been officially confirmed, although the queen was admitted to the hospital for unspecified tests at the end of October. Her doctors reportedly told her to rest and take on only "light duties." Shortly after that, the queen canceled her plans to attend a climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

Palace officials say that the queen is still taking on "desk-based" duties wherever possible, as long as she can do them from home. She is currently residing in Windsor Castle outside of London, with spares travel plans in the months to come.


Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-serving monarch in the history of Britain, and the oldest to ever hold her title. She took the throne in February of 1952, which means that she will soon celebrate 70 years as queen in her own right. She was 25 years old when she ascended the throne and was already married to her late husband Prince Philip.

Queen Elizabeth's son Prince Charles is her heir, followed by his son Prince William. Prince William's son Prince George is next in the line of succession, and contingencies are in place for a long line of other roles to take the throne if needed. Jokes like Che's aside, the people of the U.K. are all wishing for the queen's health.