'Mayans M.C.' Star Emilio Rivera Pays Tribute to Late 'Walking Dead' Actor Scott Wilson

Mayans M.C. star Emilio Rivera has shared his thoughts on the passing of The Walking Dead actor [...]

Mayans M.C. star Emilio Rivera has shared his thoughts on the passing of The Walking Dead actor Scott Wilson.

Rivera, who also appeared on Sons of Anarchy, got to know Wilson well over the years. The pair apparently met while filming The X-Files 18 years ago. However, the two remained in touch, appearing on various programs with one another and meeting up at numerous conventions they were appearing at.

After news of Wilson's death broke on Saturday night, Rivera took to Instagram to share a tribute to his fallen friend.

(Photo: Instagram / @emiliorivera48)

The first photo was a shot of a younger Wilson, and the second saw the pair posing by each other at a convention. In the caption, Rivera opened up about his friendship to Wilson.

"RIP to another great, Mr. Scott Wilson," Rivera wrote. "We met in 2000 while filming X-Files, kept in touch with each other and got to work on couple of other shows together over the years. Always nice to catch up with him other over the years at the Comic Cons. Thank you for your stories, advice and your work Sir."

Rivera's tribute has received more than 6,000 likes and numerous comments from admirers expressing their sympathy for the loss.

In addition to Rivera, another Sons of Anarchy personality, Kim Coates, also shared a memory of the actor, who played Herschel Greene on The Walking Dead.

Like Rivera, Coates also spent a lot of time with Wilson at comic conventions over the years.

"Always sad waking up to a news flash that you've lost a friend," Coates wrote. "Many a night spent with my brother Scott Wilson in Cities too numerous to mention ..Amazing actor and family man .. love to Heavenly .. gonna miss you pal .. so gratefully to have gotten to know you....RIP."

Wilson, 76, died on Saturday night at his home in Los Angeles. His cause of death stemmed from leukemia complications.