'Mayans M.C.' Highlights Bishop's Emotional Scars in Latest Episode

Prior to the Season 3 premiere of Mayans M.C., actor Emilio Rivera promised that the upcoming [...]

Prior to the Season 3 premiere of Mayans M.C., actor Emilio Rivera promised that the upcoming slate of episodes would be "darker" than any previous. The first six episodes have proven this statement to be true. Tuesday's episode, in particular, highlighted Santo Padre president Bishop (Michael Irby) and his emotional scars. Warning: Spoilers ahead for Season 3, Episode 6.

The season started in surprising fashion for viewers. Bishop walked down a highway, coming to a vehicle on its roof. He looked inside and saw the driver, who appeared to be dead. He then moved to the back and saw an empty baby seat. The scene switched to show a phone call waking him up without providing context for the wreckage. However, the episode later revealed everything.

As the primary storyline focused on Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes recovering from a gunshot wound, there were moments that detailed Bishop's pain. For example, he had an intense conversation with Marcus Alvarez that started with comments about the Stockton charter of the Mayans, but it quickly switched to discuss the tragedy in the president's life.

Bishop revealed that he never wanted to come to Santo Padre with his family. He only did so because Alvarez told him to while serving as the head of the Oakland charter. He talked about all of the negative aspects of the town, prompting Alvarez to comment that it was the seven-year anniversary of Bishop's son's death.

Violence continued to serve as the primary storyline during Tuesday's episode, but Bishop found time to pay tribute to his son. He headed to a spot on the side of the road that featured a white cross with his son's name, as well as some photos. However, he was not alone, given that his ex, Antonia Pena (Alexandra Barreto) was there for the anniversary.

The two went to eat dinner together at a highway diner, but this was anything but a friendly meal. Pena revealed that she nearly killed herself several times after the death of their child and that her new partner, Katrina, had kept the gun out of her mouth. Bishop broke down in the middle of the diner while talking about how anyone else besides his son should have died.

Bishop having tears in his eyes is something very new for fans of Mayans M.C., but it highlighted the depth of the character. The showrunners promised more backstory about the various club members during Season 3, and they are continuing to provide on a weekly basis. Bishop's emotional scars are only the latest examples.

New episodes of Mayans M.C. air every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET. They become available the next day on Hulu. The first five episodes are currently available on the streaming service, along with the first two seasons of the FX Network show.

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