'Mayans M.C.' Who Shot EZ?

Episode 5 of Mayans M.C. ended on a terrifying note with EZ (JD Pardo) taking a gunshot to the [...]

Episode 5 of Mayans M.C. ended on a terrifying note with EZ (JD Pardo) taking a gunshot to the torso right in front of Gaby (Sulem Calderon). Leaving fans with several questions on not only what would happen to him, health-wise, but what this meant for he and Gaby's relationship. However, there were questions on who was responsible for the incident. While viewers had to buckle up for Ep. 6, a few questions were answered. Spoilers ahead on Season 3, Ep. 6.

Ahead of Tuesday's episode, fans were given a small clue on who may have been behind the shooting when the shooter was shown in a hospital bed while another man stood nearby. While he isn't a member of Santo Padre, he was wearing a Mayans Kutte with a patch that belongs to the Stockton charter. During the most recent episode, it became clear it was in fact a member of Stockton — someone Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) felt the need to protect — sparking an immediate reaction from Bishop (Michael Irby). Bishop is already on edge because it's his son Aidan's death anniversary and he's been struggling with the loss. The stress of what happened to EZ, and Alvarez defending Stockton, is causing him to spiral.

Doctors also revealed that the bullet went straight through EZ's torso, causing him to lose a gallon of blood. The good news is, it didn't damage any organs, so he should recover fine, assuming he takes care of himself in the following weeks. As soon as Angel (Clayton Cardenas) arrived at the hospital to check in on his brother, he couldn't hold himself back, threatening to shoot the man responsible for his brother's injury. While Bishop held him back for most of the episode, he gave him the green light as soon as the shooter left the hospital at the very end. The hit soon follows.

Now that two Stockton members are dead, the Santo Padre charter is ready to go to "war" to defend their brothers. Angel informed his brother of this after he took care of business, and the look on EZ's face said it all: it's still apparent he's struggling to live in two different worlds. After leaving the hospital and taking Gaby with him, it's obvious to fans that he's unsure of how to step forward and please everyone in the process.

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