'Mayans M.C.' Shows the Gang's All Here in New Teaser for Season Premiere

A new Mayans MC teaser image has been released ahead of the series premiere, and it wants fans to know that the gang's all here.

In the photo shared to the shows official twitter page, the Mayans crew can be seen from behind, which gives fans a glimpse of their club logo patches on the back of their motorcycle vests.

There's no indication of what they are all gathered together for, but chances are good that it's with the intention to intimidate someone who crossed them.

Mayans MC is the second chapter in the Sons of Anarchy saga, focusing on the Mayans Motorcylce Club which was introduced in the original series.

The series stars JD Pardo, Edward James Olmos, Michael Irby, Sarah Bolger, Antonio Jaramillo, Carla Baratta, Richard Cabral, Raoul Trujillo, and Danny Pino.

Creator Kurt Sutter — who also created Sons of Anarchy — previously said that the series will pick up in real time after the events of the original series' finale.

Sutter also spoke with Deadline back in July, and opened up about what it's like to be "returning to the world of motorcycle outlaws," as well as how the series came about.

"After the third or fourth season of Sons, I was having a conversation with Eric Schrier, who's president of original programming at FX and deals in acquisitions and stuff," Sutter began. "They were trying to make a deal with some Spanish-language network or company, and if I had any ideas for something that could translate…the only thing that came to mind was this Latino club in Sons."

"That deal never came to fruition and it all went away. In Season 6 or so of Sons, when the IP was doing really well, from merchandise on down, we thought about expanding the IP, delving into different worlds and that's when the idea of Mayans came back around," he continued. "John Landgraf and I agreed we didn't want to just dovetail from Sons into that.

"It would be unfair to either property. [Bastard Executioner] came along and we didn't know it would only last a season but we always knew we wanted to wait at least two years before we came back to that world and just by the circumstance that's basically what happened," Sutter added. "I started developing it. I knew I didn't want to do it by myself; I didn't think that a white guy from Jersey should be the sole voice of a Latino biker club."

"I met with a handful of really talented writers initially, and then when it started moving forward in a more legitimate way, I met Elgin James — super-talented," he went on to say. "I don't say this to be overly self-effacing, but my key to success is, I surround myself with people who are smarter than me. I'd met with three or four different writers that day, who were really talented and had a lot of stuff going on.


"I sat down with Elgin and it was so clear to me that I was no longer the smartest guy in the room. I didn't know anything about him, but it's a fascinating story. Elgin doesn't speak Spanish, but he is this melting pot of about four or five different cultures, black, Colombian, and he grew up as an outlaw and understands that world," Sutter concluded. "To me, he was the smartest choice, and he's been instrumental in this."

Fans can ride along with the Mayan MC crew when the series debuts on FX on Tuesday, September 4.