'Mayans MC' Adds Raoul Trujillo as New Vice President

The second round of the Mayans MC pilot is well underway, and the re-tooled cast is starting to take shape.

Today, Deadline reports that the Sons of Anarchy spinoff has added Sicario and Apocalypto veteran Raoul Trujillo to its ranks.

Trujillo, who has appeared on TV shows like The Blacklist and Frontier, is being brought on to play a character by the name of Che "Taza" Romero. Taza is the Vicepresidente of the Mayans San Padre chapter, and was a founding member of the club and good friends with Marcus Alvarez. The character is described as a man of infinite wisdom to the club, who has been hardened by the deterioration of his hometown.

For those who have been paying attention to the production of Mayans MC, this character may come as a bit of a surprise. Before the initial pilot was shot, Shade of Blue alum Antonio Jaramillo was cast as the Mayans VP, Riz.

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After the pilot had wrapped, FX announced that Kurt Sutter and the creative team would be trying again, reshooting the pilot after changing some of the script and recasting some key roles.

However, Jaramillo wasn't recast with the addition of Trujillo. While the latter is taking on the role of VP in the series, the two play different characters, and Jaramillo is still very much a part of the production. The actor has been pictured in, and posted, multiple photos with other members of the cast from the set this week.


Perhaps Riz is being worked into a different role in the club. This happened with the original Sons of Anarchy pilot as well. Emilio Rivera is remembered by fans as Marcus Alvarez, the man who founded the Mayans. However, in the original pilot that was shot for the series, Rivera played a member of the Sons of Anarchy. During the second round of that pilot, the character of Alvarez was created and offered to Rivera.

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