'Mayans M.C.': Alvarez Leaves the Charter in Episode 5

Marcus Alvarez departed the Mayans M.C. crew during Tuesday night's episode, at least for now.

Spoilers ahead for Mayans M.C. episode 5, "Uch/Opossum."

Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) was a regular presence on Sons of Anarchy, playing the president of the Oakland charter of the Mayans. He was an adversary and later ally of the SAMCRO chapter of the Sons.

The club leader has been a regular presence on Mayans M.C. in the first five episodes, serving as a mentor to the young charter. He now wears an "El Padrino" ("Godfather") patch to signify his senior rank in the organization and is visiting the charter to help keep their relationship with the Galindo cartel running smoothly.

However, it seems like Alvarez is done guiding the group for the time being. He departs the club in episode 5 after handing off a tip he received from one of his connections.

He is seen sitting at the club's meeting table, where Bishop (Michael Irby) reveals that he was supposed to head back to Oakland that morning.

"What's going on, brother?" Bishop says. "Thought you were heading out this morning."

Alvarez said he still plans to depart, but he had to pass information obtained from his source, a man named Devante. He has a photo of Adelita, the person leading the ongoing rebellion against the cartel.

They note how young she appears to be, and Bishop promises they will stay on the lookout for her. However, Alvarez, who seems tense, is not convinced every one in the charter can be trusted.

"We'll keep our eyes open," Bishop says.

Alvarez replies, "For now, only the eyes in this room, until you're convinced your charter is Judas-free."

Alavarez later appears again outside the clubhouse, hopping on his bike to leave for Oakland. He tells Bishop to stay in touch, signaling that Alvarez may come back into the fold later down the line.

"I'll stay in touch with Devante," he says. "Try to keep Galindo's head in the game. Let me know what happens here."

He rides off, leaving a stressed out Bishop to declare, "I f—ing hate this."

Rivera has been billed as a recurring actor, so it is not surprising to see him duck out of the picture for a few episodes. However, Sons of Anarchy fans are loving his presence on the spinoff, so it very likely he will return sooner rather than later.


Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

Photo Credit: FX