'Mayans M.C.': Adelita Rescue Mission Leads to Big Reveal in Episode 5

Mayans M.C. revealed some secrets in its latest episode, while others came dangerously closed to being uncovered. Tuesday's new episode saw the mystery of EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel's (Clayton Cardenas) mother's death take a backseat after Adelita (Carla Baratta) was captured by Lincoln Potter's (Ray McKinnon) mercenaries. The mission to get her back led to the reveal of a well-kept secret, while other investigations took a turn.

Spoilers ahead for Mayans M.C. Season 2, Episode 5: "Xquic"

The episode revolved mostly around the Mayans and the Galindo cartel working quietly to plan a rescue mission after Adelita was taken in last week's episode. Knowing that Potter would organize a move from Mexico to the United States for Adelita to be questioned and tortured in American soil, the club planned to intercept her transport and get back to safety.

The obstacle came as Angel and EZ returned from their covert mission to Charming to a sort-of unwelcome return home. Bishop (Michael Irby) and the other club members confront the brothers about how their encounter with the Swole Boys led to one of their own being injured, and they were both reprimanded.

The brothers also reunited with their father Felipe (Edward James Olmos), after the confirmation of his old identity as Ignacio Cortina was revealed. Before they could talk things out, however, news of Adelita's capture reached them and the whole club sprung into action.

As the members gathered to speak about what their move would be, Angel was an active participant in the discussion. Bishop told Angel he would not be involved as he was benched for his actions with the Swole Boys. The response angered Angel and led him to defy Bishop's orders as president. He told him there was no way he would not help reduce Adelita.

The confrontation ended up with both men having a physical fight, which Bishop seemed to be winning. At that moment, Angel revealed to the M.C. that Adelita is carrying his child. He reveals they got close during their missions and it just happened. Bishop is happy to hear the news and agrees to let him join the rescue operation. EZ, who also found out the news at the same time, later told his brother he understood why he kept the secret given their fractured relationship. He also said he believed Angel will make a great father.

Emily (Sarah Bolger) was also in search for answers this week. She confronted Miguel (Danny Pino) directly about him possibly being in love with Adelita. He said he is fascinated with what she means in his life but he has no romantic feelings for her. Emily also visits Felipe to uncover the truth about his history with Dita (Ada Maris). She pushes a little too hard, however, and he tells her to stop because the answers will hurt everyone she loves. Before she leaves he tells her to not bring any of what she knows to Miguel.


The episode ends with a heartbreaking twist when Angel and the club manages to save Adelita from her captors, but she refuses to go. She reveals that she needs to be taken into custody by Potter so he stops going after Miguel and politician Montserrat Palomo. The last seconds of the episode shows as the Mayans leave her behind to be taken to Potter, leaving her and her unborn baby's fate in the balance.

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.