Liz Sheridan, Jerry Seinfeld's TV Mom, Dead at 93

Liz Sheridan, who is known for playing Jerry Seinfeld's mom on the hit TV series Seinfeld, has died, according to TMZ. She was 93 years old. TMZ reports that Sheridan died peacefully in her sleep from natural causes early Friday morning, just five days after her 93rd birthday. 

Sheridan played the role of Helen on Seinfield for the show's entire run. One of the more famous lines Sheridan had on the show was "How could anyone not like him?" as she was very protective of her son. Sheridan has also appeared in other TV shows such as ALF, Who's the Boss? Empty Nest, Melrose Place and Blossom. And when it comes to movies, Sheridan appeared in Who's That Girl, Only You and Play the Game. 

On ALF, Sheridan played Mrs. Ochmonek who was an eccentric neighbor. She appeared in 34 episodes of the NBC series and it was right before her run on Seinfeld. Sheridan was also an accomplished Broadway actress, appearing in 12 productions on the Great White Way, including Happy End with Meryl Streep. She also wrote about called Dizzy and Jimmy which talks about her dating James Dean in the 1950s. 

"Well, my husband was alive at the time and he thought that would be a really swell idea, 'cause everybody was interested in the fact that I knew Jimmy so well," Sheridan said in a 2016 interview. "So I got in touch with Harper Collins. They said it was their favorite book and they put it out and published it." 


Dizzy and Jimmy is scheduled to become a movie, and in the same interview, Sheridan talked about the book being turned into a featured film. " I hope so, she said."That's what I've been trying to do. It's just when I came back out here again, everybody that I knew in the studios had either retired or died… So it's a question of finding someone now. I have a friend who has been writing the script for me. It's over half done. It's wonderful and I have a couple of people who might be interested in directing, but they're not huge, famous people. It's going to take a while to try and figure it out." Sheridan was born in Rye, New York. She is survived by her daughter and son-in-law.