'Live With Kelly and Ryan' Fans Worried After Ryan Seacrest Is out Sick Second Day in a Row

Live With Kelly and Ryan fans are growing concerned after co-host Ryan Seacrest was absent from the morning talk show for the second day in a row. After flying solo Thursday, Kelly Ripa again helmed the ABC talk show by herself Friday morning as Seacrest remains out sick, sparking worry among some viewers.

A clip shared to the talk show's Instagram page Friday morning showed Ripa making her entrance on the morning programming, walking out alone to a small desk where two coffee mugs sat. Ripa, for her part, seemed her typical shipper self, cracking a few jokes to start of the show, though fans in the comments section of the post couldn’t help but inquire about Seacrest's whereabouts and his wellbeing.

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Within minutes, the comments section flooded with responses about the ill co-host. In one comment, a viewer asked, "Is Ryan feeling better?" Somebody else said, "How's Ryan doing? Hope he feels better soon!" A third noted that "we miss you!!" Several more, however, took the opportunity to applaud Ripa on the amazing job she is doing as the singular host, one person commenting, "You are doing a fantastic job on your own Kelly. Well done."

Ripa taking on the gig alone comes after Seacrest fell ill. On Thursday morning, the show confirmed in an Instagram post that "Ryan is home with a sore throat." Again sharing a video of Ripa entering the stage alone, the post added that "we're all being very cautious these days." That post also had fans expressing their concern for Seacrest, who himself has not addressed his absence, and wishing him a speedy recovery.

Seacrest's illness came just a week after Live With Kelly and Ryan returned to the studio after 180 days of Ripa and Seacrest being apart. As with other talk shows and series, their return did not come without some major changes in an effort to ensure everyone's health and safety amid the coronavirus pandemic, which was the cause of their initial separation. Returning for the Season 33 premiere, the two hosts practiced social distancing, each sitting at separate tables pushed together to allow them to sit six feet apart. According to PEOPLE, who was the first to confirm last month that the two hosts would be returning to the studio, the first month of the new season will showcase a range of "at home" how-tos and advice for viewers, including segments on home improvement, cooking and more. September will also bring out celebrity special guests.