Lindsay Lohan Returns to Primetime TV Tonight: Get a Sneak Peek

Lindsay Lohan marks her anticipated return to primetime TV on Wednesday night in Syfy's animated [...]

Lindsay Lohan marks her anticipated return to primetime TV on Wednesday night in Syfy's animated series Devil May Care. This episode finds Beans (Asif Ali) looking for love in Hell at the insistence of the Devil (Alan Tudyk). In a sneak peek for PopCulture of the new episode, Beans appears to find true love in a character voiced by Lohan.

Devil May Care is the latest animated series aimed at adults with an over-the-top premise. It stars Ali as Beans, a young man who worked as a social media manager before his death. His skills turn out to be surprisingly useful as they ingratiate him to the Devil, who is looking to build his brand a bit. This week, the unlikely friends go looking for a girlfriend for Beans and apparently stumble on Lohan.

The preview clip introduces Lohan while giving a decent summation of the show's style of humor. It starts with Beans and the Devil sitting outside of a hip coffee shop in Hell — the latter chattering excitedly while the former sits with his head in his arms. The Devil explains that this third blind date is a demon girl, "but a nice one!"

"I'm calling it!" Beans says in frustration. "No. Tonight's been, just too weird." However, as he gets up to leave he runs directly into his date — a blond girl with horns named Ziva, carrying a handful of dead, dry flowers. Within moments, she and Beans are making eyes at each other.

"Oh — sorry! I'm so nervous. I'm meeting a human for a date, and... dating in Hell is weird," Ziva says in Lohan's distinctive voice. Beans replies: "Yeah, tell me about it," and the two hit it off. They soon walk off hand-in-hand, leaving the Devil pleased with his match-making skills.

Lohan was one of the definitive stars of the early-2000s, but her acting roles have been sparse in the years since. She took a break from acting altogether between 2014 and 2018, and since then she has only appeared in seven episodes of the TV show Sick Note, and a little-known action-drama called Among the Shadows. Devil May Care will be her first TV role in almost three years.

Of course, that's not counting Lohan's appearances as herself, including reunions, competition shows and her own short-lived reality show, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. Still, Lohan's star-power has gone underutilized in recent years, and hopefully, it can bring some energy to this new cartoon.

Devil May Care is just a few episodes into its first season, and so far the reviews are promising. The new episode featuring Lohan premieres on Wednesday, March 24 at 11 p.m. ET on Syfy. The show is also available to stream with the Syfy app, FuboTV or Hulu + Live TV.