'Law & Order: SVU' Teases Wedding Proposal in New Promo

Law & Order: SVU is teasing a potential wedding proposal, in a new promo for the upcoming episode of the series.

In the sneak peak shared exclusively by E! News, Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) is enjoying a dinner with her boyfriend Dr. Al Pollack (guest star George Newbern), when he drops a metaphorical bomb on her.

Watch the SVU preview here at E! here.

The conversation starts out pretty casual, with Rollins and Pollack going back-and-forth on some menu items.

"We weren't big on truffle risotto in Georgia," Rollins states. "More like shrimp and grits," Pollack replies. "Oh, you've been listening," Rollins fired back. half jokingly.

Pollack then takes a big step by pulling out a small ring box and laying it on the table. "I have something to ask you, a commitment I have never made before," he says as he placed the box in front of her.

The idea of Rollins marrying Pollack may surprise fans, as her co-star Peter Scanavino — who plays Detective Dominick Carisi — recently hinted that there could be a romance between their two characters.

"You know, it's strange because I feel like Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Carisi are a very organic relationship," he said while in attendance at the Tribeca TV Festival. "It kind of came from Kelly and I just being pretty good friends."

"When I first came to the show, Rollins hated my character's guts," Scanavino continued. "And I was like, why are you so angry all the time? But now we get along really well. I think we got really good charisma onscreen, so we kind of developed this friendship."

He went on to say that he thinks "there is something there," but made sure to clarify that he really "can't speculate" on what the producers have in mind for the two characters. "I mean I would not be opposed," Scanavino confessed. "But I mean, also it might be difficult for it to happen, maybe give it time on the show."

Aside from the big proposal tease, the new episode of SVU will also see ADA Stone (Philip Winchester) take his own case to trial after a woman from his past comes forward to accuse him of sexual assaulting her.


The big episode — which was directed by SVU star and executive producer Mariska Hargitay — is titled "Mea Culpa," and will air at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC