'Law & Order: SVU' Fans Shocked Over Jaw-Dropping Plot Twist

This week's episode of Law & Order: SVU had an unbelievable twist to end its first half-hour. Guest star Sasha Alexander's character was revealed to be the murderer of her own children and husband. Fans at home were surprised by the twist, which caught even Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) off guard.

During the investigation into the murder of Anna Mill's (Alexander) two children and husband, Benson and her team discover that Anna had created her own legal services firm with her husband as its president and primary shareholder. They found that Anna was scamming clients at the real law firm where she worked.

Benson still did not believe a mother would kill her own children. But then Fin (Ice-T) found a pair of tennis shoes with blood on it in Anna's office. The DNA on the shoe matched Anna's daughter. At first, Anna would not admit to killing her children. But after seeing the shoes up close, she began crying.

"My baby..." Anna said.

"You killed them, didn't you Anna?" Benson asked. "You did this?"

"Of course I did this. I had to," Anna snapped back.

"You had... to kill your children?"

"Don't you see? They're so much better off now."

In the "Order" half of the episode, Stone (Philip Winchester) and Abernathy (Sandrine Holt) had to figure out why Anna killed her own children. Abernathy diagnosed her as a "family annihilator" who cannot stand to see her children and family suffer. Stone and Abernathy believe Anna killed her children because her scam was discovered. They told Benson a jury would think Anna was insane and she would not be convicted. So, Benson took it upon herself to prove Anna planned it.

During the trial, Anna's defense tried to establish her insanity. However, Benson insisted Anna was sane. Anna's attorney pointed out that Anna could have been insane during the one moment she put the knife in her children.

When Anna testified, she told her attorney she needed to create a perfect life for her family. She claimed she was "outside of myself" when she stabbed her family. She believed she was saving her children from living imperfect lives.

Stone then showed Anna the photos of her children's bloodied beds. He asked her if she tried to stop the "other Anna" she saw kill her children. Stone got Anna to admit that she did not want her children to live in a world without her.

Anna's attorney argued that Anna was under pressure from the outside world to lead a perfect life. But Stone said the case was not about that. The pressure women are under does not allow anyone to kill without consequence, he said.


In the end, the jury found Anna not guilty for the murder of her children, but convicted her on the murder of her husband. At the very end, Benson told Stone that Anna hung herself in her cell.

Photo credit: NBC