'Last Man Standing' Star Tim Allen Tweets Urging Fans to Tune in for 'Family Time' Ahead of New Episode

Last Man Standing star Tim Allen recently took to Twitter to urge fans to tune into the new episode of the sitcom for "Family Time." In his post, Allen also wrote that "laughter is the best medicine," and shared a GIF of himself from the series. Many of his fans and followers have since responded to the post, with one writing, "Tim I have remotester 5000 all set to remind & record LMS. Can't wait. Makes my week!!"

"My favorite is the Vlog at the end of every episode. Keep up the great work @ofctimallen we love ya in Cincinnati," another fan commented.

"Slowly now that's RIght no sudden moves now," someone else said, while one more fan offered, "Mom and Son (Bloomfield Hills) bonding time with your show."

Last Man Standing originally aired on ABC, but was eventually canceled due to there no longer being enough space in the schedule for the series. Eventually, Fox stepped in a picked it up, and the show has been a hit for the network ever since.

In 2019, Last Man Standing co-star Jet Jurgensmeyer spoke with PopCulture.com about his time on the show, revealing exclusively how the cast members were all very "excited" when they heard the network had made a deal to bring the show back.

"Everybody is [because] it's such a fun show to work on everybody that comes to work every day is happy to be at work," he said. "It's not like 'Uh I have to go to work today,' everybody's excited because you're gonna laugh every single day, everybody's so much fun!"

Jurgensmeyer also spoke his interactions with the show's studio audience, revealing that he likes to keep things fun for them between takes.


"My thing is, I like to make people smile — it's what I always like to say — and I get to do that through this show," he said. "They always have music playing in between takes. I'm the kind of person that's dancing in between takes, that's me! Everybody's laughing at me but that's just me!"

Season 8 of Last Man Standing debuted on Fox in January, and airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.