'Last Man Standing': Mandy and Kyle Trying to Have a Baby

On this week's episode of Last Man Standing, Mandy Baxter and Kyle Anderson began their quest to [...]

On this week's episode of Last Man Standing, Mandy Baxter and Kyle Anderson began their quest to start a family.

In "Giving Mike The Business," Vanessa (Nancy Travis) found a bag of shirts with "aunt," "uncle" and "grandma" written on them under Mandy (Molly McCook) and Kyle's (Christoph Sanders) bed. She assumed it meant that they are planning to start a family, which was right. The two have been married for a year and Kyle is very excited about having a baby.

There is only one catch: they have not been able to get pregnant. Kyle thinks it might have to do with his vasectomy, but Vanessa told him he really had an appendectomy.

Later, Vanessa asked Mandy if she knew why they could not have a baby. Mandy revealed that she is not all that enthusiastic about starting a family at this moment of their lives. But Kyle said they are still having sex on a regular basis, so Vanessa was still confused. Mandy has not been telling Kyle when the right time is for them to have sex. Vanessa thought this was a little unfair to Kyle, so she told her daughter she has to tell Kyle how she really feels.

After a bad day at work, Kyle came home to tell Mandy that he went to a doctor who discovered he had a low sperm count. He thought he was letting her down, but Mandy told him he was not. She told him she is not ready to have a baby, which Kyle responded to enthusiastically.

"You love me so much, you're willing to make up this lie just to make me feel better!" Kyle said.

Mandy shook her head. "I'm not lying. I have serious doubts that this is the right time," she said.

Kyle remained convinced she was lying and refused to believe her. Instead, he listed all the things his doctor told him he could do to increase his sperm count.

McCook's performance as Mandy in this episode helped her garner more fans. "I loved the old Mandy. And, I'm really liking this new Mandy. She's funny," one wrote.

"Great job [Molly McCook] You've really made Mandy your own!" added another.

The pregnancy storyline was not a complete shock, since executive producer Kevin Abbott teased the plot over the summer.

"Mandy and Kyle have been married for a year," Abbott said during the Television Critics Association press tour in August. "Now they're starting to think about having kids, and… you're always told that the first time you have unprotected sex, you get pregnant. But what if that's not the case? What if… they're not having the easiest time getting pregnant?"

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