Lady Gaga Dognapping Will Be Featured on Major True Crime Show

The strange saga of Lady Gaga's dognapping scandal will get the true crime treatment on an [...]

The strange saga of Lady Gaga's dognapping scandal will get the true crime treatment on an upcoming episode of America's Most Wanted. According to a report by Entertainment Tonight, an entire episode is being produced investigating Lady Gaga's dog walker, Ryan Fischer, and the near loss of her three dogs. It will also examine other violent dognappings across the country.

Lady Gaga fans were shocked last month when Fischer was shot while walking the singer's three French bulldogs — Gustav, Koji and Asia. The attack happened in Los Angeles, California, and both Gustav and Koji were taken by the shooters while Asia escaped. Fischer is still recovering from his gunshot wounds, and Gustav and Koji have since been recovered, along with Asia. Now, the story will be told in one of the most enduring formats in true crime TV.

ET learned of the new America's Most Wanted episode on Monday, the day the series premiered. America's Most Wanted is starting from scratch with a new reboot after being canceled in 2012. Host Elizabeth Vargas led audiences through the cases of three wanted criminals and invited them to call in tips to law enforcement.
It's unclear when, but in an upcoming episode, she will turn her attention on the mysterious figures that shot Fischer and kidnapped Gaga's dogs. Gaga offered a $500,000 reward for Koji and Gustav, but there was an agonizing time when it seemed like even that would not coax the attackers to let them go.

"It's unfortunate that these guys are down on their luck and they needed money, but to shoot someone for dogs is really a disgusting act," Gaga's father Joe Germanotta told ET at the time. "The entire family is keeping in touch." He added that he was praying "that the dogs are safe and that they don't experience any harm, and we thank God that Ryan is going to be OK. We hope that we get through this and everyone can put this behind them."

Gaga's dogs were returned a few days after the kidnapping, but it is not clear if they inquired about Gaga's reward. A woman reportedly brought them to the Los Angeles Police Department, where police said that she was "uninvolved and unassociated" with the shooting or the dognapping. That leaves the case wide open.

Vargas will reportedly present surveillance footage with authorities' best glimpse of the attackers, and provide tips on when and where to look out for them. It is unclear when this particular episode will air, but the America's Most Wanted reboot airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.