'Killing Eve' Leaves Main Character Clinging to Life in New Episode

Killing Eve is continuing to prove that nobody is safe if The Twelve is still around. During Sunday night's heart-stopping all-new episode, Villanelle renewed her mission to take down her own oppressor, and the episode ended with potentially deadly consequences for one fan-favorite character. Warning: This post contains spoilers for Killing Eve Season 4, Episode 5, "Don't Get Attached."

With Carolyn now in Berlin and walking through the memories of her past and the origin of The Twelve amid her search for Lars Meier, revealed to have gone by Johan, Villanelle remained in Havana, where she continued to get her groove back. After noticing a wound of housekeeper Benita's leg, Villanelle helped rid her of her abuser, feigning a fire in order to get Benita's husband, Camilo, alone, declaring that "women don't stay silent forever." After killing Camilo in a fashion reminiscent of the early unique kills on the show, and being tasked with helping several other women rid themselves of their abusers, Villanelle decided it was time to deal with her own oppressor, The Twelve.

Villanelle eventually ended up in Margate, where Konstantin has been training new recruit, Pam. The long-awaited reunion came as Villanelle sought the whereabouts of Hélène, telling him that she plans to kill "Hélène first, and then the rest of them. I tried killing other peoples' a-holes, but charity begins at home." Although Konstantin cast doubt that Villanelle will ever be able to free herself from the grips of The Twelve, he told her where she could find Gunn, an assassin he trained before Villanelle that may be able to help.

As Villanelle ventured to find Gunn and kickoff a mission that could bring down The Twelve, Hélène approached Eve with some major news: she has found Lars. As Eve joined her to go meet the confirmed member of the mysterious organization, however, it proved to be a ruse to get her in a certain location at a certain time, because as Villanelle walked out into the plaza, Hélène revealed that she is enacting her revenge for Eve kidnapping her daughter. Just moments later, Villanelle was shot in the back with an arrow that sent her crumbling to the ground and forced Eve's indifference towards her to completely vanish. The episode ended with Eve cradling an apparently lifeless Villanelle in an image mirroring Michelangelo's Pietà sculpture, the latest religious parallel this season.


With Villanelle left in a life-threatening situation, fans will be waiting for next week's episode. Titled "Oh Goodie, I'm The Winner," Episode 6 will see Eve and Villanelle "reunited before they part to pursue their own missions, which leads Villanelle to another assassin in The Twelve." Meanwhile, Eve will inch closer to achieving her revenge mission and Carolyn will be "forced to face a ghost from her past if she has any hope of discovering who ordered Kenny's hit." New episodes of Killing Eve air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America, with encore presentations on AMC on Mondays. Fans can catch the episodes a week in advance on AMC+.