Jeff Garlin Exits 'The Goldbergs' After HR Investigations

Actor Jeff Garlin will not return to ABC's hit comedy The Goldbergs following multiple misconduct allegations and an HR investigation into his on-set behavior. Garlin and Sony Pictures Television reached a mutual agreement for Garlin not to return to the series, which is currently filming its ninth season. His exit is effective immediately, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed. At this time, representatives for Garlin, ABC, and Sony TV have not commented on the actor's exit.

Garlin has starred on the beloved 1980s-set sitcom since its debut in 2013. According to THR, the show's staff was informed Wednesday by a veteran producer that Garlin would not be returning to the show. That producer reportedly said the decision was "mutual." Garlin had been expected to continue filming the current ninth season, which consists of 18 episodes, though his exit is effective immediately, and he will not complete his work. It is unclear how the show will address his absence, which will follow the loss of George Sagal's Pops. ABC has not yet made a decision regarding a potential 10th season of The Goldbergs.

Garlin's departure from the series comes weeks after reports arose that Garlin was at the center of allegations and rumors of misbehavior on the show's set. In an interview with Vanity Fair's Maureen Ryan, Garlin addressed those accusations, dismissing them as him being "funny" and "silly" on the show's set. Garlin said, "My opinion is, I have my process about how I'm funny, in terms of the scene and what I have to do. They feel that it makes for a quote 'unsafe' workspace. Now, mind you, my silliness making an unsafe workspace-I don't understand how that is. And I'm on a comedy show. I am always a kind and thoughtful person. I make mistakes, sure." Revealing that there had been several HR investigations into his behavior, Garlin also dismissed rumors that he had been fired from the show and addressed speculation of his possible exit.

"We're trying to come to a place where we come to an agreement. Either I can behave the way [they want] or not," he said. "We'll see, but I'm not being fired and I've not been fired... When I do shoot more days, just to make it go smooth, I will not be doing any of my silly stuff or anything, out of respect."

Garlin has starred on The Goldbergs since 2013 as Murray Goldberg, the husband of Beverly Goldberg and the patriarch of the Goldberg family. The show has been a major success for ABC, remaining one of the network's strongest comedy series. Outside of The Goldbergs, Garlin also stars on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, to which he is also attached as executive producer.