Watch 'Homeland' Season 7 Trailer: 'Tell Me What Just Happened!'

This week, Homeland season 7 got not just a premiere date, but a new trailer.

The new season picks up after President Keane arrested 200 people from intelligence agencies without bringing charges against them. The trailer shows that Keane will be facing threats on her life from every side. In addition, Carrie will be working to get the incarcerated agents released.

It looks like the new season will also see the return of Brett O'Keefe. The far-right conspiracy theorist character is seen aiming a gun at a poster of the president for target practice, and some of the scenes make it look like independent militias may appear in the series.

Homeland is going strong into this next season, grumblings from some fans that it's become repetitive or over-the-top. Still, the show has a loyal following and a lot to celebrate.

The stunt crew on Homeland was just nominated for a Screen Actors' Guild Award. The show celebrated the nomination on their official Twitter page with an appropriate gif.


The series will return to Showtime on Sunday, Feb. 11 at 9 p.m.