'Hogan's Heroes' Reboot in the Works

It's been announced that a reboot of the classic sitcom Hogan's Heroes is in the works with original series co-creator Al Ruddy. According to The Wrap, the series would be a single-camera comedy that would take place in modern day and follow the descendants of the original characters as they set out on a worldwide treasure hunting expedition. The series will also be co-produced by Danny McBride, David Gordon Green and Jody Hill, who created Vice Principals for HBO.

At this time, the Hogan's Heroes reboot does not have a network or streaming service attached. Additionally, it was not reported if the producers have been any specific writers in mind to help bring the project to life.

Hogan's Heroes originally debuted in 1965, and ran for six season, until 1971. The premise of the series revolved around the captives in a German POW (prisoner of war) camp during World War II.

Considering the fact that Nazi soldiers were a prominent part of the series, many are concerned about the idea of bringing this show back if there's a chance that it could make light of the devastating impacts they had on the world.

"Like, 'funny Nazis' was already pretty questionable in the '60s. But in 2019 it's....I don't even know what it is. But this is a wtf choice if ever there was," one person tweeted.

"A Hogan's Heroes sequel ... focusing on the surviving members ... getting together for a treasure hunt. This is in planning. What. The. F—," another person said, to which someone else replied, "Lol it’s based on the descendants of the original characters, and I couldn’t be more on board for this."

"It's still ... just ... Why link to Hogan's Heroes?" the curious Twitter user inquisitively responded. "Nostalgia for old farts (which includes me)? It's such a tenuous link to a show that doesn't seem to have any airtime anymore, at least domestically according to TV Guide."


"I’m shocked that this is (maybe?) happening," the other fan added. "I grew up watching it with my dad, and caught a few episodes earlier this year. I thought, despite the touchy subject matter, it held up well. That being said, there’s no way anyone else under the age of 30 that knows what this is."

Photo Credit: CBS