'Grey's Anatomy' Fans React to Owen and Koracik's 'Shocking' Accident

Grey's Anatomy's Tom Koracik is taking his new position at Grey Sloan Memorial with his signature egotistical attitude, and Owen is not happy about it. The ABC medical drama featured Owen's (Kevin McKidd) return from paternity leave to the news of Koracik's (Greg Germann) new role as the Catherine Fox foundation's new liaison at the hospital, which makes him his boss. Given the fact Owen just got back together with Koracik's now ex-girlfriend Teddy (Kim Raver), their professional relationship is less than ideal.

Spoilers ahead for Grey's Anatomy Season 16, Episode 2: "Back in the Saddle"

Early on in Thursday's all-new episode, Owen was stuck in the elevator with Koracik and Link (Chris Carmack), with the former not missing the opportunity to point out how they are all connected by the women they have dated at the hospital.

Owen rudely tells Koracik it's time for him to return to his job in Baltimore — unless he also lost that. The doctor takes the opportunity to break the news to Owen that he is now above all authority at the hospital, calling himself "God" of Grey Sloan Memorial.

Fans were not shy about praising Koracik's attitude, and found his lingering rivalry with Owen hilarious.

Koracik's attitude seemed to get worse as the episode goes on. He attends Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) skills lab and doesn't agree with her wasting all her time teaching the young interns. Jackson (Jesse Williams) takes the opportunity to remind him he now works at a teaching hospital.

Things also take a turn for the worse with Owen in the E.R., when Koracik actively criticizes him and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) for continuing to shock a patient who had been down for too long. The last shock brings the patient back, and Koracik comes close to them. Owen then accidentally touches his new boss with the paddles and gets him in the groin.


Near the end of the episode, Owen goes to Koracik's room where he is resting after his "shocking" injury. He tries to apologize but Koracik lets him know he filed an emergency restraining order against him and he has to stay away from him. Looks like the doctors won't be best friends any time soon.

Can Tom and Owen ever put their differences aside? Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.