'Ghosts' Season 2 on CBS: TV Guide Offers First Look at Script of Premiere Episode

The Woodstone Bed & Breakfast is almost open for business! Months after CBS's hit comedy Ghosts closed out its debut season with a major ratings win, the Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar-led series is set to return to TV screens next month, and fans now have their best look yet at Season 2 thanks to a glimpse of the Ghosts Season 2 premiere episode script, titled "Spies."

Shared with TV Guide, the episode picks up in the aftermath of the Season 1 finale, which saw living couple Samantha and Jay fall through the ground floor of their historic B&B. Disaster aside, in the Season 2 opener, the pair are ready to open their business, though they need their ghostly residents to cooperate. "We really need this visit to go well. After the floor thing, the last people gave us a scathing one-star review on Yelp," Samantha says adding how she and Jay "need everyone on their best behavior." It is unclear if Jay is now able to see the ghostly residents now, too, though he does tell them, "that means no ghost powers. Thor, no futzing with the electricity. Alberta, please keep your creepy humming to yourself."

Speaking of the upcoming season, executive producers Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, who provided the script page to the outlet, said they are "very excited to finally have the Woodstone B&B open for business (as are Jay and Sam!)" but "don't want the show to turn into a Newhart guest-of-the-week situation," though "this will give us a great avenue for stories." Adding of Trevor's character — especially with the opening lines — the duo said, "even though last season we learned he is actually a very sweet guy at heart, Trevor can't help being Trevor!" According to Port and Wiseman, in Season 2, "Jay is catching on to the ghost thing, anticipating what modern concepts will bewilder them and offering answers before they even have to ask."

Season 2 will give fans some food for thought, too. Addressing Sasppis' line about watching humans for entertainment until TV came along Port and Wiseman admitted, "this is a disturbing thing to think about: What if ghosts are real and they spend all their time watching you do everything? But what if that power could be harnessed for good?" According to them, the premiere episode "explores that very question."

Based on a British sitcom by the same name, Ghosts follows Samantha and Jay, a married couple who move into their dream home only to discover it is filled with ghosts, all of whom Samantha can see and hear after surviving a near-death experience. The series was a massive hit, with CBS picking the show up for a second season in January. Ghosts Season 2 premieres on Thursday, Sept. 29 on CBS.