'Ghosts' Showrunners Admit CBS Sitcom Will Avoid One Specific Aspect for Season 2

The Woodstone Bed & Breakfast is open for business on CBS's Ghosts, but fans don't have to worry about remembering all kinds of new cast members. Season 1 of the breakout hit sitcom was mostly about Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) scrambling to restore their new home and get it fit for business, which they pulled off near the end. Now that it's open, producers promise that the show won't pivot to a "guest of the week" style format.

Producer Joe Wiseman spoke to Den of Geek about Ghosts Season 2, acknowledging that the B&B opens up some opportunities for guest stars. However, he said that the writers are not planning on simply putting a guest at the center of each episode and leaving their main cast static. This was a welcome clarification, especially considering the show's frequent reference to Newhart, which did the same thing.

"Now that the B&B's open, that'll be a way to get guests cast in. We don't want to become Newhart, we're not going to be the guest of the week or anything like that," Wiseman said. He assured fans that they would still be exploring each of the ghost characters' backstories more in the next season – particularly the mystery of Alberta's (Danielle Pinnock) death.

The show will also continue to build the relationships it set up in the first season and explore the themes of stagnation and personal growth – even if the afterlife. He said that the romance between Thorfinn (Devan Chandler Long) and Flower (Sheila Carrasco) may go further, while the one between Nigel (John Hartman) and Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) will definitely progress.

Of course, there are also "the livings" to consider. In addition to Sam and Jay there is Mark (Tristan D. Lalla), the contractor helping them with work around the house, along with the Farnsbys (Marke Linn-Baker and Kathryn Greenwood) and Bela (Punam Patel).

Ghosts is based on a British sitcom by the same name, and so far it has loosely followed the same format and guidelines for how this version of the afterlife functions. However, there is still room to skirt around those rules as needed and alter them slightly. Already, the size of the Woodstone Manor property has allowed for more ghosts than the original. Fans can continue to expect surprises when Ghosts Season 2 premieres on Thursday, Sept. 29 on CBS.