'Ghosts' Star Brandon Scott Jones on What's Ahead for Isaac in Season 2 (Exclusive)

Ghosts might have wrapped up its stellar first season on CBS this past April, but series star Brandon Scott Jones is already looking ahead to the series' sophomore return this fall. In an exclusive with PopCulture.com in support of his new Netflix movie Senior Year out this Friday, Jones admits the culmination of events leading to his character's coming out was a big moment for him as an actor and one that was "really important" to represent.

In the touching season finale "Farnsby & B," which offered some answers but equally opened the floodgates to more questions for Season 2, Jones' Isaac — a Revolutionary War soldier who died over 250 years ago — was finally able to confront his feelings for British "enemy" Nigel Chessum (John Hartman), a soldier he accidentally shot across the battlefield while observing him through the scope on his rifle. While reflecting on the heartwarming scene that lends itself to intergenerational conversations and stories that challenge classic masculinity, Jones tells PopCulture it was a "cathartic" moment.

"It was really cool. I'm happy that [Isaac] got there too because I think that we could have left it, and then he starts next season in the same place. But I feel like we left him with an idea of like, 'Well, now what? Where does he go from here?'" Jones said. "The thing that I found really personal about it, and the thing that I'm really excited about is that for a lot of people, and speaking from my own experience too, coming out is not a light switch. It's not a before and an after. It's this gradient. It's this thing that kind of goes on and I think he still has so much work to do for himself. He has so much work to do to realize that he's not the person he thought he was, or he wants other people to think he is."

Jones adds that the fact that Isaac is now "able to have a successful relationship with somebody if he's still trying to learn how to love himself" is a big moment for the character's arc. "I feel like he needs to watch one episode of RuPaul's Drag Race and it's going to be different," he laughed.

Further describing the entire situation with Isaac's coming out as "interesting" layers to peel back, Jones says now might be the time for his character to "experience what real love is for the first time" even though he was married. "I'm sure he loved his wife back in the day, but I think this is going to be something new for him. But maybe that can sort of turn inward a little bit too, which I think could be kind of fun."

As for the "wife," audiences have not seen her just yet but Jones has a good idea of who he'd like to guest star — though he is remaining mum. "I have it in my brain who I would want, so I hope we get to see Isaac and his wife, or Isaac back when he was in the revolutionary times. I think that'd be really fun," he teased.


As for what's ahead following the events of the episode "Attic Girl," which saw the jazz singing Prohibition era ghost Alberta Haynes having another power, Jones admits he would be curious if Isaac had more to offer than just stinking up the place due to his death by dysentery. "It's so tragic, isn't it?" he said of Isaac's powers that find any Living who walks through him smelling farts. "I wonder what it could be. That's the thing. I remember when I first read that, I was like, 'Oh God' and then now it's the most iconic thing that I always think about. We joke about it off-screen, too, that that's the only thing that my character can do, this very proud man, truly just makes things smell like a fart. But I wonder what it could be, this power. I would love that. That would be really interesting."

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