Florence Pugh Reveals New Piercing Ahead of Imminent 'Hawkeye' Debut

Florence Pugh is set to make her Hawkeye debut soon, and the Oscar nominee is celebrating with a new piercing. Pugh shared a series of photos on her Instagram account documenting her new septum piercing, noting how painful the process was. "When you wanna be a cool grown-up and get a cool new piercing and you instantly fail, go green and then faint," Pugh wrote. "Praise the piercing heavens for my trusty [Zoe Lister Jones] to have a handy lollipop to make me feel better. FAAAAAANKS.  Warning – last slide will make your stomach scream."

Three episodes of Hawkeye have aired, and it has already been confirmed that Pugh's Yelena Belova will make an appearance in the television series at some point. Belova was introduced in Black Widow as the sister of Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff, and in the film, she swears that she is going to kill Clint Barnton (Jeremy Renner) due to his involvement in Natasha's death.

It still isn't clear how Belova will be brought into the fray on Hawkeye, but a new teaser trailer for episode 4, which streams on Disney+ on Dec. 8, shows a masked figure that many believe is Belova. The unknown character is seen wearing tactical gear and night vision goggles similar to an outfit that Belova wears in the comics. Much of this season of Hawkeye has been about Barton reckoning with the things that he did after The Blip as Ronin and the loss of Black Widow, so it makes perfect sense for that to come full circle with Belova.


This new piercing isn't the first time that Pugh has made a dramatic fashion statement in recent days. In November, Pugh took to Instagram to debut a dramatic haircut. Pugh made the big reveal by sharing a set of moody candid photos of herself posing in front of a window. Most notable in the images was her hair, which is now cut to above the shoulders. Pugh opted for a simple caption, teasing, "I did a thing." She added the hashtag "chop chop chop" and also the scissors emoji.