'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter Finished New Show Pilot, But Coronavirus Put it 'in Limbo'

Kurt Sutter is ready to get back in the saddle, eventually. The Sons of Anarchy creator told fans [...]

Kurt Sutter is ready to get back in the saddle, eventually. The Sons of Anarchy creator told fans during a Q-and-A session via his Instagram story that he has the pilot for a new series already written. However, given how circumstances have changed amid the spread of coronavirus, he implied it might be a while before anyone sees it.

"I've finished a pilot for a new series. It's in limbo now because of the obvious shift in priorities. I can't really divulge much," Sutter wrote. While he was light on the details, he did add that "It's an anthology and it's driven by music."

Back in November, Sutter had hinted that he was working on a new project. While he was also purposefully vague, he did mention that "it involves Harleys." He also mentioned that, at the time, he was still under contract with Disney and hoped to have some of the details worked out by the time 2020 rolled around. The month prior, he was fired by Disney shortly after they acquired 20th Century Fox. He had been working as co-showrunner on the Sons of Anarchy sequel series, Mayans M.C., both of which were produced by Fox.

Despite his firing, Mayans M.C. was also renewed for Season 3, with Elgin James alone at the helm. Nick Grad, FX Entertainment's President of Original Programming, released a statement on the renewal, as well as Sutter's firing.

"Kurt Sutter identified and chose Elgin as his partner on the show from the outset and Elgin has been instrumental to the success of the series, leveraging his experience and creative vision to make Mayans M.C. with this incredible cast, crew and creative team. Keeping this vibrant series strong is a huge priority to everyone at Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions and of course FX, which has been a spectacular home and platform for both Mayans M.C. and Sons before it."

In December, Sutter had even got a few people worked up by posting some throwback photos from the Sons of Anarchy set, which caused some fans to speculate that he might be working with series star Charlie Hunnam again. Although, so far, it's proved to be nothing more than speculation.

Arguably the bigger mystery is what exactly Sutter was thinking when he sent out a bizarre tweet comprised almost entirely of gibberish, adding "Tara Knowles' last words, probably," a reference to one of the biker drama's most gruesome deaths.

While Sutter's show will likely remain in limbo for a while longer, you can stream the first two seasons of Mayans M.C. on Hulu.